About Us

Why ATL Costa Rica?

As transformational thought leaders here in Costa Rica, we have longed to create a forum, inspired by ATL SoCal, where leaders, devoted to doing transformational work in their respective fields, can gather to initiate and sustain on-going dialogue and education that enhances our transformational leadership capabilities.
We recognize the commitment, responsibility, and possibility with spearheading and leading ATL Costa Rica. We individually and collectively commit to grow our local ATL community in a way that represents the principles of the ATL community at large.
Costa Rica is a nucleus for healing, growth, sustainability, and peaceful living.
The most common expression here, “Pura Vida,” meaning “the pure life,” exemplifies both the landscape and the people in a way that sets Costa Rica apart from many other places on the planet, as a country with no military and a government focused on renewable energy, environmental respect, education, and healthcare.
As an epicenter for transformational growth and sustainable living, Costa Rica is a landing place for many leaders who frequently come here to host their events. Sometimes to change the world, we need to leave the world. Therefore, we believe it’s a needed location for ATL members worldwide to gather and receive a respite, outside of the old paradigm of modern western society.
As ATL Costa Rica, we want to contribute access to resources of the local growth-centric culture and provide the gathering spot for leaders to tap into and cross-pollinate ideas, best practices, and new paradigms.
For example, our meetings would provide access to an understanding of the landscape and knowledge of the retreat centers and hotels that best represent each member’s flavor of transformation, as well as the activities, shamans, healers, musicians, artists, health-focused chefs and shamanic journeys that would enhance the member’s impact on their tribe.